Monday, February 26, 2007

Odds Favor Clinton, Obama and McCain for U.S. President

San Jose, Costa Rica – February 26, 2007 – With the United States presidential nominations on the horizon and impending elections in 2008, bettors are flocking to sites like to put their money where their mouths are. Unlike many polls on Yahoo, AOL, Fox News and CNN, wagering sites offer a different insight into the minds of voters-to-be.

“Online bettors are not just interested in sporting events and are very serious about how they use their bankrolls,” says Dave Johnson, CEO of “It’s not luck when it comes to betting on the news. Instead of just answering a poll question, they maximize their profit by gathering as much information as possible and using that knowledge to their money making advantage.”

Favorites are determined by whichever item is receiving the most bets. In the case of the presidential nominations, Clinton and McCain are leading the pack. Odds are listed on the Betting Directory site

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