Thursday, October 07, 2004

All on my own

Well, its now about 11.15 at night and I am slowly learning how this thing works.

I have posted some photos - although I did think they would show at the top of the page - ie before my introduction - but at least they are there.

I have submitted the site to a couple of blog search engines and have learned how to put stuff in the right hand column, or sidebar as I supose I must call it!

At the moment - and I realise it is still early days - or even early hours - I still feel a bit silly talking to myself but must start somewhere - one day someone will respond to my posts and I will know that there is life out there - in cyberspace!

I keep altering the settings to be BST and the time at the bottom of the post still shows as some US time zone so I must remember to alter the time manually - the photos were posted about 5 hours after the introduction, but to look at the time stamp you would think they were posted first.

I had good news on one of the web sites I run - - we are getting a promotional piece - free - in the Mirror newspaper next Wednesday. For those of you outside the UK, this is a national daily newspaper with a circulation approaching 2million. One of my partners - who is an accountant and knows very little about marketing in general and the web in particular thinks we shall get thousands of hits and make thousands of pounds - I do not want to dissolusion him, but if we get tens of sales I shall be surprised - but I hope he is right - might help make me rich!!!

Finally I would like to end with the following warning printed on a bottle of Nytol Sleep Aid:

"Warning: May cause drowsiness”.
(And...I'm taking this because???)


Bud said...


Your fotos are hilarious... ok, maybe not hilarious, but pretty funny.

Jokes are cute.

I've learned from my stat counter that every time you post something new, you will usually get at least 2 or 3 visitors...

So, no worries... somebody will read it.

Good luck with blogging.

Sarah said...

That's as good as the large catering sized packs of peanuts that carry the legend "this product may contain nuts".... "May contain nuts!????"I wouldn't worry too much about getting traffic through your blog. The Nav Bar helps a lot as people tend to surf through on it, and being submitted on blog listings will always help. I came through Britblogs..