Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Brainy Beckham

Well, what about David Beckham then - did you hear what he said after being booked on Saturday:-

Beckham added: "I'm sure some people think that I have not got the brains to be that clever.

"But I do have the brains. I could feel the injury. So I fouled (Ben) Thatcher."

Beckham with brains - who is he trying to kid? If he had brains he would not have claimed to have got booked on purpose!!! All he was trying to do was excuse the fact that he got booked and to answer his critics who said that he lacked self control - to then come up with this statement shows just how stupid he is. If he had really planned to get booked, he would have done somthing like kick the ball away at a free kick - not deliberately fouled an opponent! And if he had brains he would certainly have not gone shouting his mouth off about it!!

After this I must repeat some favourite Beckham Jokes (by the way - it was a great goal he scored)

David Beckham goes shopping, and sees something interesting in the kitchen department of a large department store. "What's that?" he asks. "A Thermos flask," replies the assistant. "What does it do?" asks Becks. The assistant tells him it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. Really impressed, Beckham buys one and takes it along to his next training session. "Here, boys, look at this," Beckham says proudly. "It's a Thermos flask." The lads are impressed. "What does it do?" they ask. "It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold, "says David. "What have you got in it?" asks Roy Keane. "Two cups of coffee and a Choc ice," replies David.

What would David Beckham's name be if he was a Spice Girl? Waste of Spice.

David Beckham is celebrating; "43 days, 43 days!" he shouts happilly. Posh asks him why hes celebrating.He answers "Well Honey, I've done this jigsaw in only 43 days.""And that's good?" asks Posh. "You bet Hon" says David."It says 3 to 6 years on the box."

David Beckham walks into a pet shop and asks for a pound of bird seed.
"How many birds do you have?" asks the pet shop owner.
"None yet," says David, "but I'm hoping to grow some."

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Coco Church said...

This is hilarious!!
Thanks for the laughs